"We Are Painfully Connected"

This movie is dark and terrible and great: Liv Ullman is very beautiful telling the dreary story of her unusual love with Ingmar Bergman.

What she says about coming together with Ingmar as friends a long time after their separation and moving on:

I had undergone a change. And when bitterness and hate and despair were gone, I was sure I had experienced love and been enriched. But I would never be able to talk about it. I’d seen into another person and was full of tenderness for what I had found. For a period of time we had taken each other’s hands and been painfully connected. But only when it was all over did we become true friends.

My heart exploded. See you later.


Recorded live on a Sunday afternoon at Pier 27 on the Embarcadero in San Francisco, August, 11, 2013

The Beach Boys - All I Wanna Do

major romanitck swoons

Yay stories (at Castro Theater)

I’m so into Kyle Platts. I want to be Kyle Platts. Kyle Platts Kyle Platts.

Seven Year Bitch - The Scratch

CARELESS LOVE, Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan

Always reminds me of my dad, camping, road trips, s’mores, tents, pines, good times.

Off the Radio

This is the music responsible for my learning that there is music in the world that does not get played on the radio.

I was raised by my dad in a very strict, sheltered, religious home. So when, at 16, I moved to Seattle to live with my (gasp! secular!) mom, one of the things I discovered was that there is a whole world of non-radio music. My mom’s brother-in-law handed me this Legendary Pink Dots CD and I listened to it, unimpressed.

(This is a photo of me about 2-3 months before I listened to these Legendary Pink Dots. My Grandma made me participate in a beauty pageant because “I needed to do something extra-curricular.” I hated it, and I hated this hair, but at least my friend Emily was in it with me for moral support. That’s my Sociology teacher Mrs. Neely in the background.)

Later, on a family outing at the Seattle Underground Tour, the tour guide mentioned liking The Legendary Pink Dots, which Mom’s brother-in-law thought was enchanting.

"I wonder how she got into them. Not many people know them."

"Um, the radio?" I said.

"OH NO. They don’t get played on the radio, Sherah.”

"Haha what."

"If you’re only listening to the radio, you’re missing out…"

He told me about all kinds of music I don’t remember.

I soon discovered Napster, and continued to have terribly uninformed taste in music for several years before burning through all kinds of crap to get to what is now, well, my taste.

A tip ‘o the hat to you, Legendary Pink Dots.


5 Stars
Erica M.

I’ve been reading the Yelp reviews about this brick for a while now, and finally decided to go to McCoy’s and check it out. Let me just say: WOW, great brick! From the second I laid my eyes on it I could tell it had great porosity, and, as a load-bearing member of a larger set of bricks, it’s totally great and doing its job. Also, it doesn’t have a ton of excess mortar between itself and the bricks around it, which is a definite plus. I do not like excess mortar. If anyone is a little apprehensive because it’s a standard 2 1/4 by 3 3/4 by 8-inch brick, I totally get it. But I’m telling you it’s a good brick.

Read this.

Lessons Of Darkness - Werner Herzog (1992)

The theme of lost speech, beautiful landscapes, the throwback musical score, Herzog’s voice, I love this.

at Stinson Beach, Marin County, California

at Stinson Beach State Park