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Ursula is Awesome. I Mean Evil.. But Awesome.

On May 25, 1991, which was the day after my 9th birthday, I had a birthday party that combined my two favorite things at the time: swimming in Grandma’s swimming pool in D’lo, Mississippi, and The Little Mermaid. I made Little Mermaid party invitations and had a Little Mermaid birthday cake, and received a Little Mermaid sleeping bag as a gift from my Grandma, who is perfect and knows exactly what her Sherahfish wanted for her fancy swim-o-rama 9th birthday extravaganza.

The Little Mermaid was my very favorite movie because I was obsessed with becoming a famous pop singer from about age 8 - 14. The Little Mermaid got to swim all day and sing all day, which I felt was pretty dope. I knew all the words to the movie because I probably watched it every day. I also made up all kinds of Little Mermaid-style songs that I only sang underwater while swimming around like a fish, but I was embarrassed about this hobby so it was just my secret. Later I grew the fuck up and got more punk rock and moved on to serious music like Garth Brooks No Fences (my first tape purchase, for which I saved up and bought my first walkman for $17) and Debbie Gibbs and Expose and Mariah Carey.

But I remember really loving Ursula from The Little Mermaid. This gif kind of captures one of the reasons I loved her - this movement has remained stuck in my mind for all this time. I remember her shaking her giant evil tits and saying to my brothers, “Someday, when I’m older, I will have giant evil tits like Ursula. And I will shake them around like that. And it will be awesome. You’ll see.”

I’m still waiting for them to come in. I’m sure it’ll happen. Pretty sure any day now.

@whateverdude and I got friendship wrist tats today randomly!

Solo Saturday morning reading + coffee + dogwatching + peoplewatching + outdoor airbreathing, aka all the best things (at The Mill SF)

San Francisco. Hello again.

Look at this ridiculous dog thing

Bridge City (at Portland City Grill 30th Floor)

Hi Portland.

Fewer things make me as happy as when I’m smelling and looking at roses in rose gardens (at Rose Garden)

What a load of horseshit!!&@%#!